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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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dramatic new video released showing last nights officer involved shooting that left a man dead. while investigators say the video is clear... the suspects family wants to know more... " it only take one bullet to put somebody down... it doesn't take 9 shots..." it's a story that's been developing all day. what exactly happened on harrison avenue yesterday, that left a suspect dead and a full
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good evening, i'm tricia macke. we've got team coverage to break let's start with our own michael baldwin who joins scene. michael.... cell be a big part of this investigation right? it certainly does tricia. it captures of paul gastons life. here's a picture of the air soft gun gaston had. the officers at the time didn't know the gun was fake. and the chief said it was a very realistic pistol. - you leave them where we can see them take a look and listen to the cell phone video captured by witnesses as police confronted 37- year-old paul gaston. get on your face here's another cell phone video of the same incident from a different view. listen to how worried the witnesses are. please do it please do it. please do what your asked he's another view. look at the officers guns pointed. they are giving gaston commands. he is listening at first. but things go
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get on your face right keep your hands where we can see them what they say back up and then we hear this. keep your hands where we can see them. go all wow, let me see them don't do it after police say he police later airsoft gun. during a news conference police made it clear that all three officers who fired a total of 9 shots were justifed in their actions. they were giving him mutiple commands to lie flat on the ground when our officers are faced with a situation and their lives are in danger and someone is not listening to their commands and reaching for a gun that there lethal action is justified although unfortunate > gaston has had some run ins with the past. a quick search of court
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facing charges of menacing, domestic violence, and with the orders of a police officer. he was a contractor facing theft did some prison time in 1998 for theft and in 2000 of aggravated robbery. on the domestic violence charge he allegedly told a woman he was going to kill her and her children and showed them bullets. now during the news confernce the city manager said there will be other investigations. the mayor said they stand in support of the officers. and this is the second time this has happened in the last few months. live in westwood michael baldwin fox 19 now. thanks michael... investigators have also released the 9-1-1 calls from witnesses about the crash that sent officers to the scene in the first place. take a listen.... "a guy got out of the car and is walking but i can't believe it because the car, the truck went straight into a phone pole."
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um, stumbled out, and dropped a gun um then picked up the gun and took off "there's a man, d-i-r-h-e- i-m, there's a man out there waving a gun and his kids there." shortly after those calls... officers arrived on scene and confronted gastol. take a listen to the radio transmission.... "officer: 3-3- shots fired. dispatcher: 43 copy shots fired." butted to "dispatcher: 41 are we saying the subject is down or is he still out here with a gun? officer: 32-11, we have he's down start your notifications he's gonna be 2-7" the other side of course is the man 37-year old paul gaston. learning more about his background... and his family is questioning the fox19 now's mike schell sat down with his family earlier today for an exclusive interview. wanna know why so
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gatson's family says cincinnati police did not have to use deadly force to disfuse this very volatile situation. the believe gatson was not thinking clearly after wrecking his pickup truck a couple of blocks away.. 1karen "look how close they are to him..." paul gatson's family does not agree with how cincinnati police officers handled the situation... 3karen "it only takes one bullet to put somebody down. it doesn't take nine shots the person who took this cell phone video pleaded with officers' commands.... what you're "what do you say to people who look at that and say all he had to do is comply. just get down on the ground like the officers asked? how do you resond to something like that? how i respond to that is, aspect, one shot, one shot would have done it. you don't have to shoot a person nine times, or
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2karen " gunshots sorry but you know, can call it what they homicide or they tried to even say something about suicide by cop. i know, he had too much gatson leaves behind a 4-year-old daughter... 1deborah going to do to her. for see her father again. she talks daddy. but her daddy is not here anymore because the police killed him. they could have attempted to do this another way." gatson's mother says her son was injured when he hit a utility pole on harrison avenue.. 2deborah "he's in pain. you saw the truck. there was no way that he was focused and well and feeling good after a crash like that. they didn't care." 3deborah
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him to get down on the ground. and then shooting him the way that they did. and he knew...every shot that came through and that's not right. he did not do anything." gatson's family hopes to get some answers in the coming days... and an important you heard michael baldwin leaders and the police department both agree that this shooting was justified due to the movements paul gatson made while officers tried to place him under arrest.. reporting live from westwood..mike schell fox19 now of course we're gonna keep following this story as it develops on air, online and on the fox19 now mobile app. we've also got the entire video of the incident on our website. right now animation right now a husband and wife are in the hospital after a dog attack
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ago... police say the two were trying to break up a fight between their two pit bulls when one of the dogs started to attack the owners. both were air- cared to u-c medical center. officials say the woman has serious face wounds... but no word on the mans condition. the dog who attacked... is being held until police decide what to do next. right now officials in middletown are trying out what caused a chemical leak this afternoon that forced evacuations! we've got the details on the way... and spring training is finally here for the reds! jeremy's got a break down of day one next... steve cam 4 you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the $24.99 oil change reds animation
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days till the cincinnati reds take the field at great american ballpark. but, today... pitchers and catchers are reporting in goodyear, arizona. jeremy rauch joins us right now at the ballpark. jeremy rauch: "right here at great american ball park, i am18-hundred miles and 30 degrees away from goodyear, arizona. how does 75 and sunny sound? we do have video of pitchers and catchers reporting right now... the players went through an on-field workout and did do some throwing, among other things. the big news of the day... bryan price told beat writers, the bullpen is a wide open competition, except for the closer... that is jj hoover's job to lose. the other bright spot, all-star catcher devin mesoraco has reported, with no limitations." mark sheldon: "i mean, devin mesoraco is a guy if he's healthy can be an all-star catcher, a perennial all-star. he certainly showed in 2014 why he was an all-
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homers and played well behind the plate. he's still an improving jeremy rauch: mark sheldon says he'll pitch from the mound tomorrow, but as homer told us, he won't be in the starting rotation until may. fox19now." so what caused a major chemical this afternoon that evacuations? we've got the very latest next... live now animation live look spring-like so how warm is it gonna get? steve's got your latest forecast next.
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forcing today. it happened at the pilot chemical plant on yankee road just after 11-
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tanker truck was leaking sulphur trioxide... a highly corrosive substance. students and staff at the nearby amanda elementary school were told to stay indoors. crews were able to contain it... and no one was hurt. the suspect in a fatal, wrong way crash on 71 will now be held on a 3- hundred thousand dollar bond... after police say she admitted to having 4 or 5 drinks before she got behind the wheel! this was the scene for 22-year old taryn chin's first court appearance on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. police say she hit and killed 47-year old jose arenas in a head on crash. at this time it is not clear where chin was coming from... or which ramp she used to get onto the wrong side of the highway... early wednesday morning. "he has no prior felonies, he cooperated with the investigating officer, it's a nonviolent
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cancer patient." that was the argument on behalf of 37-year old anthony pilot this morning. pilot is facing a theft charge after allegedly stealing a $49 thousand dollar wedding ring, then selling it for 25 hundred bucks! police say he stole it from a woman who's home he was working in. pilot became emotional in court when his bond was set at 5-thousand dollars... because he said he couldn't pay it! after that... the judge gave him the option of house arrest. 2 different local schools were forced to evacuate today... after getting automated phone threats! loveland intermediate school got the call around noon... forcing students to be sent off campus and picked up by parents. eventually police determined there was no threat... and cleared all the buildings. around the same time the norwood middle school received a similar automated bomb threat. this picture was posted to the norwood police facebook page... as students and staff of the were evacuated to the
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searched. eventually, they too.. were given the all clear. if you're heading down to the blake shelton concert tonight at u-s bank arena... listen up. this is the first event with the new security measures yesterday. metal detectors have been installed a permanent safety feature. and show goers are now restricted to the 12 by 12 by 6 inch bags. to ensure that there aren't any new security features, u.s. bank arena recommends that you arrive early. you decide animation more controversy has found it's way to the trump campaign tonight... during his historic trip to mexico today, pope francis suggested that the g-o-p candidate. isn't a christian! the pontiff said that quote, "a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not
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upon hearing that news... trump fired back at the pope. donald trump "so the mexican government fed the pope a tremendous amount of stuff about trump is not a good person. butted to "if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which as everyone knows is isis's ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president." trump also called the comments by the pope quote... "disgraceful". weather now animation switching now to weather... should be a nice weekend right steve? steve weather tricia 1shot
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guess." jer hplaz gfx a new tradition for the oldest team in how about that? catchers are in now, and if you're wondering, will it be a good year? i don't know...i can confirm... it is a new year. two big games tonight in college hoops... uk out for revenge against the vols, but for uc, it's another bracket buster type of game, a desperate team desperate team. mick cronin: "it jumps off the old ipad when you're watching them how desperate they are to try to win every game. and quickness. so, when
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energy, that's when they're a problem because they have great athletes, quick to the ball, quick down the floor. they're the fastest most athletic team in our league. our size has to be a factor in the game." jer hplaz gfx bracketology has and one of the last four in. so, you can understand why are huge. when we go off doesn't stop. the case of a lost wallet ends with a hilarious note. have you seen it yet? we've got it posted. and what has more sugar... the soda in your fridge or that starbucks you get in the morning? you might be surprised... and a local brewery needs your help being voted best in the country! we've got all those stories live right now on fox19 now dot com. check this out...
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he's 53-million dollars in debt... kanye west has a job officer! with the philadelphia police department! officers posted this photo earlier today... offering him a salary of about $48-thousand dollars a year. according to the department... he could be debt free by the year 3122! we will see you tonight at ten.... tricia 4shot don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are next!!! announcer: fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you go. log on to and download the fox19 now app. "the neat thing is the plank test is actually good exercise. so if you
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at sea... and on shore... america's game is celebrating disney vacations, starting now. wheel... of... fortune! [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white. [ cheers and applause ] that's us. thank you, jim.


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